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Sunday, July 5, 2009

tolong jawabkan

ok. quiz ni i dapat dari game "Proffesor Layton and the Curious Village"
it goes like this:

mice are famous for their ability to multiply at breakneck speeds.
the type of mouse we have here give birth once a month, birthing 12 babies each time.
Baby mice mature and give birth two months after they are born.

You picked up one of these darling mice at the pet shop and brought it home the day after it was born.
In 10 months from now, how many mice will you have?

I've calculated several times but still get it wrong.
sape yg terel sila kira dengan kadar segera ya!!

New Housemate alert

New housemate
Hope she's cool
not in the mood to socializing just yet because at 2 pm in the afternoon still not taking my shower
lazy ol' mariam

footnote: sila kelihatan polished and clean ble berjumpa dengan orang yang tak dikenali..

Saturday, July 4, 2009


cane ek rase jadi hippie macam mereka..
adekah rase seperti muda dan riang ria??

meet daniel henney, people!

Last Wednesday if i'm not mistaken, i accidentally tertengok a tv show titled 'the duke'
ada sesi temubual dengan this guy yang bernama Daniel Henney.
First few second aku merasakan 'owh.. this guy really is handsome'
tengok lagi dan lagi.. wah memang kacak!!

gambar kacak 1:

gambar kacak 2:
Gambar kacak 3:

sungguh soft spoken. very very very sexy *drool*
hurm.. patut la global warming.. =p