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Friday, August 7, 2009

Gary Leon Robert, 1987-2009

The death of my fellow friend, Gary Robert on last Tuesday (4th July 2009) was really shocking. It has taken the uni by surprised. See, everybody knows this guy. Always smiling, good-hearted fellow. Plus he really was dashing and very smart. Frequently being the subject of conversation of me and my gal pals. Who's Gary dating?, Why is he talking with that girl?, What will he thinks about this? , who was he talking on the fon with?, What he's doing? etc. . So the news was pretty shocking. The family and close friends of him take the news pretty badly. To hear that he died that way was really heart-broken.

Gary entered the Adidas King of Run (something like that) in Shah Alam. He collapsed after finishing the run. Then after he recover, someone saw him walked away. But after 24 hours, the family become worried and called the police because he did not return home. His body was recovered beside a dumpster under the stadium's basement, covered in bruises by police dogs. According to the police, COD was dehydration. Many suspected a foul play but only God knows.

Many people went to the house when the news was received to comfort the family. His parent seems not to believe that their son was gone according to my friend that visited the family.

For me, I see the glimpse of Gary everywhere in UNITEN. In class, at the food court, everywhere. I believe many people did. I just wonder how he can touched many heart in a short time and with a simple smile and conversation. Tsk.

In memory of a great friend,
Rest in Peace Gary Leon Robert

After this incident, I just wonder how it feels to die.
My grandmother also passed away a week before that but that was too painful to talk about. So no post for her. Tsk


Pais Chaos said...

kawn de crite pasal dia.. takziah.

DIK AN said...

It's not so hard to die. But to say good-bye, that's the hardest of all.

my-yum said...

Kat cneh smer pon berkawan dengan dier.. huhu

dik an:
is it me or your r getting macho-er by the moment =P