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Thursday, August 6, 2009

ICE Green Camp

OK this is pretty serious and boring. Just bear with me.

Last weekend ( 31 July 09 - 1 Aug 2009), ICE organized a Green Camp. I was one of the participant. Just wanted to see how the participant felt about this club and all. Lagipun, being the secretariat sucks. If I get to experience the camp in the easy way, why bother. =) At least that's what I thought.
Fig. 1: Green Nation love the Environment

Turn out the camp was pretty fun. Ok fun la. I just like the idea of preserving the environment. The camp was held at Taman Sri Cahaya Shah Alam. We stayed in chalets. Not bad =). Old kampung houses. Good condition but got a hell lot of monkeys.

The activities was fun. Apart from the 'art' project of making nature disasters models and doing interpretation about the nature and human fault that causes casualties, we cleaned up Klang river. It was at the estuary. First glance, not bad for Sg. Klang. Tapi, air yang tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya. ok no crocodile encountered but the river at was in pretty bad condition. The water stinks and rubbish were stuck in the mud. Apart from that, floating plastics bags and diapers were floating and got stuck in the floating boom (mechanism to trap rubbish, usually install in rivers).

Malaysian, espacially KL folks need to realize about this condition. For God sake, please do not dump your rubbish in the river. So sad.You wouldn't like it when people dump rubbish in your house is it? So respect the living things in the river. We have to start to realize our responsibility towards the environment. We like clean river for picnic kan. So let's preserve the rivers.

Fig 3: Preserving river with pretty girls are fun. really =p

We were seperated into teams. I was in the tree planting team. We plant 20 trees on the dumpsite beside the river. Hopefully the trees will grows and conceal the dumpsite. There were teams that collect floating rubbish and there were another teams that planted trees at another different location.
fig. 2: Cangkul ber-reben *advisor club.. Dr. Chua*

Selangor government had gazzette 100 feets from the river and also the river. Means that any activities must be authorized by the government and Department of Drainage and Irrigation Selangor and any development on the river banks is prohibited unless authorized by the parties above. Hopefully this problem can be overcome. Please people, be responsible for your own garbage.

"Sebuah mesej kemasyarakatan dibawa oleh Kementerian Alam Sekitar"
Linear Regression in support of green environment =)

OK. Part two of the lecture on the Green House and Global Warming will be post later.

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